Products & Services

Tristane Capital - investment company (est. March, 2014), located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and registered by The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. 

Tristane Capital was created by partners with over 20 years experience of managing operations on financial markets. 


All dealings and activities of the Company are strictly regulated by the appropriate Laws, Directives and Regulations currently in force on the entire territory of the European Union. A uniform legislation within the European Union set the highest standards for all trading transactions with our counterparties along with a guarantee for a comprehensive protection of their interests.

We are concentrating on active debt trading, portfolio investments, REPO operations, margin trading and intermediary services with wide range of financial instruments.

A wide neworkt of contacts and trading lines allows the Company to supply its counterparts with the best prices and conditions in the financial market. We are going to develop our relationships with our counterparts and grow together with them. 

Specialists of our company have many years of experience, deep product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the economic, political and social structure of the markets we operate in.


Tristane Capital B.V. is actively engaged in trading of wide range of government, municipal and corporate bonds in different currencies, including Latam and CIS.

We have global access to all international financial markets.

REPO Trading

Repo is a short-term investment vehicle that we offer to counterparties who want to be sure of earning a fixed return no matter what but who also want to remain liquid.

We provide a wide range of repo transaction options with major trading assets from overnight to longer maturities in USD and EUR.


We execute securities transactions on stocks markets on main world exchanges including NYSE, LSE and XETRA.

Structure notes

In addition to classical instruments, the company participates in trading operations with structure notes in order to increase the yield of its own financial portfolio.

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